AcclaimPOS's Countless Benefits to You Include:

  • Instantly know total sales, open tables, clocked in employees, cost/hour and much more!
  • Manage your menu very easy with on-the-fly changes; add menu specials, price changes.
  • Improve employee communication with Email messages.
  • Up to the second accountability with the touch of a button: track cash discounts, voids, comps, service, labor costs, tips & liquor sur-charges.
  • Extremely reliable All stations independent of each other. In the rare case, if one station goes down the other stations are not effected.
  • Improve your costs with complete Inventory Control whats selling, what's not.
  • Proven in high volume ($1 million+/week/location) restaurant chains.

AcclaimPOS's Unique Features:

  • New guest promotional marketing system helps increase sales and guest loyalty.
  • New Alerts system sends owner/manager status and event messages to his cell phone.
  • New Snapshot graphics show LIVE sales comparisons, labor cost, employee performance, etc.
  • Integrated Gift Card and VIP Card and Frequent Diner Systems.
  • Integrated Credit Card Authorization System (we will even setup your credit card merchant account).
  • Make better management decisions with Variance Reports: how you are doing, how you should be doing and where you are going.
  • Customized features to suit your individual restaurant/bar.
  • 24/7 Immediate Direct connect phone support to a AcclaimPOS technician, not an answering service.
  • Time Saving Rapid round re-orders because speed and ease are critical!
  • Table layouts assist your hostess with table status and thus increase table turn times.
  • Your Restaurant Logo on checks and computer display.
  • Easily and quickly transfer checks to new tables/servers .
  • One touch Fast Bar touch item, cash, done. Its that simple!
  • Integrated Pizza/Delivery module (optional) .
  • Split menu items, checks or tender in unlimited ways.
  • Menu graphics makes order entry super fast!
  • AcclaimPOS is endorsed, approved and praised by our entire existing restaurant owners and managers. Can other companies say the same? 
  • Credit Cards PCI DA-DSS Compliance
  • Integrated Guest Marketing System
  • Restaurant Alerts sent to your cell phone
  • Graphic "Snapshot" Sales and Performance
  • Custom Screen Ordering Button Colors & Size
  • Inventory Receiving system by Vendor
  • Colorized Tabs show table status
  • Enhanced Delivery (Pizza) tracking system
  • Integrated Credit Card System
  • Integrated Gift Card System
  • Integrated Frequent Diner and VIP system
  • Table Layout screens
  • New Hostess functions for seating & Availability 


  • New Scheduling Module!
  • NEW Enhanced Delivery Module!
  • Restaurant LOGO on Checks
  • Different Screen Images
  • Alpha Numeric Table Names
  • New Delivery Sales Report
  • New Delivery Customer Labels
  • New Paid-Out & Paid-In Reports
  • New Comp'd Items Report
  • Now Uses Windows Receipt Printer Drivers
  • More Employee Privileges Options

Simple Interface

  • Completely touch driven - no memorizing and very EASY
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Reliable - if one workstation has a problem others are unaffected
  • "WYSIWYG" - What you see is what you get, no surprises!
  • Designed by restaurant owners and servers
  • Higher productivity and profits
  • Better service and more business

Why Automate

  • Theft Prevention (no more "Freebies")
  • Order Efficiency (higher service volume)
  • Minimize Errors & Mistakes
  • Maximize Efficiency (orders out quicker)
  • Inventory Control (what's selling?)
  • Food/Liquor Control
  • Lower Food Cost (less waste)
  • Training Time & Expenses Reduced
  • Order Accuracy (happier customers)
  • Server Efficiency (lower labor costs)


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction 
  • More Management Information 
  • Reduced Labor Costs 
  • Reduced Training Costs 
  • Free Up More Manager Time 
  • Automates End-Of-Day Closings 
  • No Handwritten Checks 
  • Less Errors/More Profit 
  • Increases Productivity 
  • Accuracy & Organization 
AcclaimPOS Restaurant Point-Of-Sale Systems is a state-of-the-art Touch Screen Windows POS and back office software for the food service industry. AcclaimPOS Restaurant is perfect for "sit-down" restaurants including fine dining, bars, family style restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, country clubs, membership clubs and fast food operations.

AcclaimPOS Restaurant is designed to interface with a Touch Screen monitor, light pen or mouse. We use OFF THE SHELF IBM PC compatible hardware and any industry standard receipt printers (Epson) and cash drawers (no proprietary hardware). Giving the end-user and reseller a wide choice of hardware to choose from. We offer a 16-bit and a 32-bit version.

AcclaimPOS Restaurant is the only POS software to include five-built-in languages. You choose with the touch of a button the desired language, at each station. We support English, Spanish, French, Japanese and German.

AcclaimPOS Restaurant POS Systems is a fast Windows POS system. Reliable, easy-to-install, train and use. We are the developers and can add any custom functions to fit your requirements.

AcclaimPOS Restaurant can be tailored custom to your specific restaurant needs. You design, add, change, delete all menu items, condiments, drinks, employees, happy hours, menu specials and menu times. Full integration to Access, Paradox, Crystal Reports & Report Smith allow you to generate your own custom reports (open architecture).

AcclaimPOS Restaurant offers the following modules/functions:

Point-of-Sale (included) 
Sales Analysis/Server Productivity (included) 
Back-Office-Manager functions with Complete Reporting (included) 
Inventory Control (included) 
Integrated Credit Card Authorization system
Gift Card and VIP/Frequent Diner System
Time and Attendance - Labor Analysis (add-on)
Direct Billing/House Accounts (add-on)
Delivery Module (add-on)
Club Account module - Automatic Club Account Charges (add-on)



We offer complete Hardware and Software solutions
for your restaunat POS needs

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